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I have so much to process on so many fronts, it’s hard to keep updated here. Meanwhile, earlier this week, there was a trip down to central Taiwan to visit relatives when my mom detoured through the island. It was lovely catching up with the aunties, and of course, their latest foster dogs.

20130901 Auntie's home!

Always with the dogs.

20130901 Bitty puppy found wandering...

The little one, who was just found as a freshly-weaned stray, is at the stage where he demands constant contact with everyone and anything. He’s got the neotenous STARESTARESTARE down pat, though I’d hardly call him vulnerable.

The pretty yellow one is more reserved with her affections, and her warmth becomes evident with observation. She was found a while back having birthed a litter of pups, and has since been spayed.

I guess they’ve got each other figured out.