[W]hile we house-train them, you might say, they world-train us.

Erica Fudge, Pets (Stocksfield, UK: Acumen Publishing, 2008), p. 10
This is a dog-centric personal blog.

The blogger behind the screen is M.C. I’m currently a Ph.D. candidate in the humanities residing in the California (B)East Bay area. My academic background accounts for my pedantic streak, geeky diversions, and drive to scrutinize details. I have a regional interest in East Asia, which will be reflected in many of my posts. I have also spent time living in the American Midwest, Taiwan, and traveling throughout China.

The Two Bows are Bowdu the Shiba Inu and Bowpi the Basenji.
They both have Chinese names, and I explain the origin of their names here.

Frequent blog topics include dogs in movies. Dogs in music and audio recordings. Appreciative snapshots of other people’s dogs. Dogs as personal and artistic inspiration. Dogs as newsmakers. Dogs as a vision of a more humane society.

In general, I keep things nice and friendly, loose and eclectic. I blog regularly and frequently (less frequent these days) and make no apologies for stuffing your inbox if you choose to subscribe by e-mail — but I will say thanks! Thoughtful comments on entries old and new are always appreciated.

I love taking pictures of dogs, though I am no professional photographer. However, I do take pride in sourcing nearly all of my own images for this blog. If I didn’t snap it, write it, or screencap it myself, credits are prominently displayed. Please do not leech my efforts without proper attribution. You should link back to the original source (this blog), at the very minimum.

For locals: If you should happen to see your own dog on this blog and would like a high resolution file of any pictures, drop me a line — I don’t mean to be a creep, and I’m happy to provide!

Seven featured posts:

  • 20101108: In every link I called his name
  • 20101126: Grandpa and his tugou
  • 20110222: FILM: Goodbye, My Lady – 2000 Words and Some Screencaps
  • 20110303: Hachiko’s droopy ear
  • 20110526: The dog food I’ve eaten
  • 20110826: The puppy mills that don’t look like puppy mills
  • 20111214: The not-so-anomalous faithful dog

Advertisements are not accepted on this blog. However, promos and schwag will be considered in exchange for our candid, narrative, and sometimes arbitrary review. The receipt of any freebies will be disclosed. Please contact the blog author if you are interested in sending a product for our consideration.

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7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Lisa Taxin Portner said:

    Your photos are fabulous!

  2. Hello! I found your blog through The Daily Toki and couldn’t resist learning more about your Shiba Inu and Basenji. Plus, it’s always great to find another post-graduate student who moonlights as a dog blogger 😉

    I’ll be eagerly following Bowpu and Bowpi on their adventures!

    SJ from Happy.Bark.Days

  3. Thanks for finding my blog – I’ve enjoyed looking at yours – some really well written and interesting pieces (e.g. just read about puppy mills…)

    Beautiful dogs – I shall continue exploring your blog!

  4. Congratulations! You have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. I truly enjoy reading your blog. From one Shiba owner to another…enjoy! http://lovelivingincolorado.wordpress.com/2012/06/23/versatile-blogger-award/

  5. I found your blog via Google after I saw an episode of “Dog Whisperer” where one of the dogs was Dang Dang (spelling?) from Taiwan. He was rescued by Tuapa and brought to the states. The search results led me to your blog post about Tuapa. I never knew such organizations existed! I think it’s great stuff. I love your pictures and dog-centric anecdotes.

  6. artscottnet said:

    Greetings.. I’m Scott, a newbie artist and fan of furry friends all. I found your site looking for a list of songs about wolves (thank you). I look forward to seeing your next adventure. Best regards

  7. Your blog is fantastic! I am just wandering around with a special interest in the dog movie index and your more esoteric topics. I love blogs that have a bit more substance beyond summarized instruction and recycled subjects. I’ll be reading!

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