Bowpi the Basenji

A bloom among buds
Photo taken 20 April 2011

Name: Bowpi 寶媲, the “Precious Companion” (pronounced “Bow-PEE”, where Bow rhymes with now)
Nicknames: ‘Pi, Peeps, Peepsy, Peepers, Stinkmouth, Snugglebunny, Portable Furnace
DOB: ca. 2005
Adoption date: 23 March 2010
Breed: Basenji

We searched for about a year and a half for a second dog like Bowpi. Good things come to those who wait.

Five posts to explain Bowpi:

— on Dogster
— on the cover of Basenji Rescue and Transport (BRAT)’s 2013 calendar

1 thought on “Bowpi the Basenji”

  1. So enjoyed your website, spent whole evening looking through your postings and photos which are gorgeous! Thank you both for the wonderful insightful window to the lives of both very happy dogs!

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