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One thing I really appreciate about Bowpi is how completely stress-free she is (for me) when socializing with other dogs. I have never worried that she will react inappropriately, violate anyone’s personal boundaries, or start something she can’t handle.

1 February 2012 Easy greetings

She has a knack for putting most other dogs at ease, and charming and engaging playful ones.

12 March 2012 Bowpi and the luck dragon

She plays best with dogs that are a similar size.

1 February 2012 Chasing Scooter

And while she will play with larger dogs, they tend to overwhelm her fairly easily.

1 February 2012 Yikes!

I have noticed in recent months — and been able to capture on camera — that she does know how to assert herself, at least with non-Basenjis. If bigger dogs rush her or come on too strong, she will make faces or bat them off.

10 May 2012 Incoming puppy breath

Just the lightest, quickest curl of the lip is usually enough to stop onrushing young dogs with too much playful energy, like the long-haired German Shepherd below.

2 June 2012 Hint of a scowl

I think she only pulls these faces when the other dog isn’t actually aggressive, just too exuberant for her preference. When she’s truly scared, she’s usually a lot more stiff, in contrast to the loose, playful bats she offers this young pup who was getting a little too mouthy for her liking.

16 April 2012 Smack!16 April 2012 Back off!