Roll of 28, Day 28: Yesterday’s clouds were dramatic — today is ok


20150228: Yesterday's clouds were dramatic -- today is okay

I’m making an exception on the final day of Roll of 28 and officially registering this shot a day late, instead of backdating it to the last day of February, where it belongs. Oh, how these whirlwind days rend asunder all my best-laid plans…

Alas, I didn’t get to capture the sunset at its most brilliant. I haven’t figured out how to import from my album of mindpictures.

Thanks for indulging me in another round of Roll of 28, this annual February ritual. I retreat now to relative silence again. This blog is usually reserved for more thoughtful writings, and I just don’t have the headspace to draft dog-centric texts worth sharing right now. I fully expect the words to return again. In the meantime, you can peep images on my Instagram. Dog-specific pictures are usually pushed through to the Tumblr that I don’t otherwise maintain. Rest assured that this WordPress site remains as the primary dwelling for the House of Two Bows, and they are doing well.

Until next time.


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