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UPDATE 17 NOVEMBER 2012: Yachtz still needs a home! He now has a listing on Petfinder with Homeless Animals Response Program in Antioch, CA. Please check out the link and contact karen.kops@harp-rescue.org for more information.

The other day, I visited this Basenji mix and took some pictures.

17 August 2012 Yachtz, adoptable Basenji mix

His name is Yachtz (I called him Yacht-zee, like the game). He is 12 years old, healthy, neutered, up to date on all his vaccinations. Sturdy. Tipping the scales at 40 ~ 50 pounds. Gets his business out of the way before he comes to check you out. Companionable, once he knows you’re a friend. His broad face lights up with a cheesy, goofy grin.

Yachtz, adoptable Basenji mix

This is what we know from previous BRAT postings:

“His owner has fallen on very hard luck finding herself homeless after hospitalization and is devastated that her longtime companion now has no one to provide for him and keep him safe as he lives out his life. The local ASPC graciously stepped up and paid part of the kennel fees but that was quite some time ago and he continues to be graciously kenneled with no hope of payment. The kennel owners understand that they will never be able to recover their costs and have been absolutely great in this situation, they do not want to see Yacthz euthanized, they say he is still a vibrant and healthy mix. He is bigger than the average Basenji but has the Basenji yodel and coloring. There are many volunteers that are willing to work to get him transported but we have been unable to find a rescue or adopter to transport him to. Understandably though, he needs to be out of the kennels!

“According to his longtime owner, Yachtz gets nervous and sounds aggressive around bicycle riders, skaters of both skate board and any type of roller skates. He is also sensitive to motorcycles. He was like this when adopted in 2003 and have no idea what may have happened to him in his early years. Yachtz also has a tendency to be food aggressive with other dogs. Although he makes grumpy noises he does not have a bite history but may do better living out his senior years as an only dog or with an owner experienced enough to deal with these characteristics effectively.”

Yachtz, adoptable Basenji mix

I wasn’t able (or qualified, really) to test him with other dogs and fast-moving objects on wheels, so we’ll just have to take the previous owner’s cautions for what they are. I did note the irony that he shares a name with a manufacturer of longboards… but anyway, his issues are minor relative to the bulk of his potential. He’s quite limber, not hyper, and not slow; I wouldn’t have correctly guessed his age on my own. Didn’t seem particularly interested in toys or balls, but when I showed him a leash, he started whimpering with excitement.

I was pleased to find that he didn’t really pull or jerk me around (which is easy to do, given my size). Though he wanted to take the lead, he was quite responsive to my verbal cues and changes in direction. We weren’t able to go further than the perimeter of the play area. Mostly, what he wanted to do was explore and mark things.

He has some basic training vocabulary — sit, shake, and down (though it was too awkward for me to catch the last bit while holding a camera in one hand and training treats in the other). Though he didn’t seem particularly food motivated at first, he became interested once he warmed up to my presence. I guess he decided I was all right after a few scritches behind the ears, and especially after I Zoom Groomed the loose hair off his backside. He gave me his approval along with a chestful of wiggling dog butt.

Yachtz, adoptable Basenji mix

Grateful for the compassion of this family-run kennel that has been housing him for over five months, I dropped off a 15 pound bag of food during my visit. But what Yachtz really needs is a proper home to live out his retirement years! Please share with any interested parties, especially if they’re anywhere near Martinez, Northern California (there are ways to make transports happen), and let’s see if we can get him home soon.

More pictures and videos in my flickr album.

For more information about how to adopt this boy, you can contact Ray Eckart with Basenji Rescue and Transport or drop me a message to reroute thataway.