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When a possum wandered into the backyard this weekend, I learned something about Bowdu’s prey drive.

20140713 Bowdu and possum

Bowdu and possum

Specifically, his prey drive doesn’t kick in if the creature doesn’t dart and just huddles in place, hissing and making ugly faces. The worst that Bowdu did to the hapless opossum was bark and “play” bow, occasionally starting forward — but he did not make physical contact.

Bowdu and possum

After a while of the same expression from an otherwise motionless creature, he lost interest.

Bowdu and possum

Or maybe he was confused, especially when I brought out the camera. He kept staring back at me, as if wondering why I want to take a picture of that ugly ol’ thing?

So we just had a backyard visitor...

Better than cleaning up bloody possum shreds!