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20140622 Peeps and Doobs

This is my fourth year of tracking pet finances at the House of Two Bows. This is an ongoing effort to get a practical sense of what it costs to keep two 20 ~ 30 pound adult dogs in an area of the US with relatively high costs of living. Previous posts in this series can be found under the category of finances.

The Cost of (Pet) Things for June 2014:

  • Food: $21 [previous month, $194]
  • Treats: $6 [previous, $41]
  • Grooming: $0 [previous, $0]
  • Vet & Medical: $0 [previous, $0]
  • Accessories and misc: $0 [previous, $0]
  • TOTAL: $27 [running average for 2014: ~$139/month]

Last month’s food total was horrendously high, so I made a conscientious effort to pace things out this month. I didn’t meet my single-digit spending goal, but I’m satisfied with the numbers anyway. That amount included a couple pounds of sardines, turkey tails and necks, chicken livers, and a whole roasting chicken. When roasters are on sale, they’re extremely economical, hacked up and apportioned as dog food for the week. I even saved a breast for myself, which lasted several meals given the way I portion my own meat intake.

Treats also consisted of raw fare, chicken hearts chopped up and thrown into the dehydrator.

I’m not expecting such a low total next month, as Bowdu is due for another vet appointment — his periodic thyroid check.