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Just a quick update here. I’m firing up all the social media for the 2014 international conference of the Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science, or SPARCS. I have been up since 6am California time to catch the live presentations in Rhode Island streaming free via http://sparcs.varvid.tv

20140620 SPARCS with the Bows

The participatory aspect of this online conference is part of what made it one of the most awesome canine events of 2013. The House of Two Bows is engaging this year on Instagram, Facebook, and even my seldomly used Twitter. Oh yeah. That’s how you know it’s serious. But it’s also fun.

This morning’s talks by Patricia McConnell, Ray Coppinger, and Simon Gadbois were well worth the early rise. Julie Hecht and Mia Cobb of Do You Believe in Dog? are running great post-presentation interviews. Check out the schedule of speakers for much more!

p.s. Winners of the Honest Kitchen giveaway to be announced later this weekend. Thanks to all who entered!