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I finally snapped a picture that I like enough to place as a new blog header. When I first activated this WordPress theme [Chateau], I don’t think there was an option to randomize header photos. Now that I know there is such a function, this is one I’m throwing into the mix:

20140502 Looking forward at day's end

Confession: This shot was taken at one of our most frequented parks, in an area currently under contest. After years of trouble-free use, the commission in charge has decided to act on seemingly arbitrary grounds and declare this specific area a leashed zone.

This came as a surprise to the vast majority of canine-accompanied visitors who, like me, have always found it an off leash area.

After numerous meetings both public and private, new signage, vandalized signage, posted bulletins, letter writing campaigns, Facebook quibbling, and some of the typical sniping that accompanies dog-centric kerfluffles, consensus seems to be carry on in a respectful manner. The park has no power to enforce its own policies, let alone maintain the grounds in accordance with the original guidelines they laid out decades ago for the use of this off-leash area.

We at the House of Two Bows advocate healthy, safe, and responsible sharing of public grounds. This includes abiding by posted leash laws, learning to share with other patrons who are there to respect and enjoy the environment …

20140502 Bowpi-sunset1

… and also recognizing that sometimes, the pathways formed by the habits of hundreds of thousands of human and canine footsteps really do make more sense than the rigid boundaries drawn by a few forgotten rulemakers.


Such is the “natural” evolution of public, community space.