The Bows are doing better.

Bowdu’s looking extremely scraggly now that he’s lost nearly all his underfur. A few tufts remain to be plucked. At least his skin is not raw and red anymore, and he’s not frantically itching his chest.

This round of shedding produced a lot of dandruff along his back. I didn’t actually shampoo his back when I gave him the medicated bath that threw his skin oils out of whack, and I haven’t bathed him again since. Just letting him shed it all out, with some manual assistance, and supplementing with fish oil, vitamin E, and Honest Kitchen Sparkle.


It’s been a couple weeks, but Bowpi’s harness hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll have to report later. Her more extreme hacking cleared right up with meds and the return of clear skies. Yesterday brought another round of rain, and it seemed to me that she was chuffing a bit more with the wet weather. Perhaps that’s the connection after all.

For now, she still wears her limited slip collar, which is not an issue during our daytime off-leash walks. At night, I’m being extra careful to maintain a loose leash, though it can be a challenge when she insists on her own targets for the sniffing that MUST! happen at THAT! particular spot.

I've been so busy this morning! But the dogs look at me like I ain't done shit 'till I've taken them to the park. #whyicantgetenoughdone

Like everything else in my life, I’m figuring this out as I go. Luckily, the dogs don’t judge too harshly for my missteps. They do get impatient when I move too slow and haven’t taken them out yet, according to schedule.

Deadlines and pushy hounds riding my tail…