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There was a pretty good, if rowdy, playgroup at the park today. My measure of its success is that even Bowdu was playbowing, chasing, and engaging other dogs beyond his typical intrusions (humping and bodychecking, which is his idea of “fun”).

When Bowdu gets into the fray, I have to monitor more closely. He tends to snarl and make all kinds of guttural noises when he gets revved up, and not all dogs (or dog owners) know how to interpret his excitement. So I missed a lot of great action shots, but I’m happy just to see him find other dogs he feels he can express himself around, instead of being an antisocial grump all the time.

Bowpi, of course, was keeping up with the crowd. Her silence is such a contrast to Bowdu, even when she’s running with a big, open-mouthed grin on her face. She’s a barkless Basenji, of course, and she doesn’t even pant after her sprints.

Unfortunately, the party was crashed when a streaking Corgi accidentally tripped the tallest, long-legged pup, who collapsed in a shrieking pile, apparently having twisted his paw. The sounds of canine pain are quite effective at immediately scattering a crowd. Maybe someone could package that sound as a mob dispersal tool.

Anyway, that was a quick end to the puppy party on the hill. The injured dog was eventually able to limp off, hopefully to get some rest and return to play another day.