This is one of the most adorable things that Bowdu does. Every time we come across a clump of tall pampas grass, Bowdu always dives into the “skirt” below, circling the perimeter and letting the grass trail across his face. Do you know a reason for this kind of behavior? My best guess is that he does this for the sheer, tactile pleasure — like pushing through beaded or tasseled curtains, instead of parting them with your hands, or burying your face into a nest of pompoms.

Meanwhile, I’m pleased to announce the winner of our Honest Kitchen Quickies giveaway. Abby of Doggerel is getting a tin of Quickies sent her way! I suspect they’ll go quickly since she does a lot of training with her two German Shepherds, which you can read more about on her blog.

I had a sweet time reading everyone’s comments. Bowpi may be a little camera shy, but she promises lap dances to all her internet admirers. That’s how she rolls. Go figure.