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20140205 Precision needed

Today’s shot was inspired by a Facebook discussion in which some grad school friends were geeking out over specific writing utensils. The professor who started it all was declaring his affinity for his grading tool of choice, a green Pilot Precise v5 extra fine pen. That was my first true pen love all throughout high school and college. I refused to do any serious writing with any other ink pen… until I discovered the Uni-Ball Signo in 0.38mm tip and specifically in the colors brown black, blue black, green black, and bordeaux black.

Pen brand breakup happened nearly overnight, and I’ve been committed to the Signo ever since. That was approximately 10 years ago. Admittedly, a few other brands have tempted me in the meantime (specifically the Pentel Slicci in 0.3mm, and the Pilot Wingel in 0.38mm). No one else does the black-blends quite like those Signos, though…