20140115 Bowdu

The Bows aren’t the only ones who are slowing down. This blog is, too, as some dear readers may have noticed. Since my regular posting schedule got derailed in Taiwan, it has been hard to resume. The blog is slowing down mainly because life is speeding up.

20140115 Bowpi

As long as there are dogs in my life and life in my dogs, this blog will be here.

While postings will be more sporadic in the upcoming months, February is an exception. Each year since 2007, I have participated in a photo project called Roll of 28. The rules are simple: take pictures, and post one a day for the month of February. The posted picture must have been taken that day.

An old friend named Josh came up with this idea to enliven the shortest, most depressing month of the year (particularly for Midwesterners who often get a little snow-crazy by February). While I have no cause to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder here in sunny California, I’m the type that always needs multiple projects to keep me moving through the months.

20140115 Two

Roll of 28 was originally tapped into the community blogging experience that LiveJournal offered; the majority of the original community is now dispersed. Nevertheless, that celebration of simultaneity is a significant component that makes the tradition worth continuing, so — consider this an open invitation to join me, if you’d like. Let me know where you’re posting, if you decide to take part.

Perhaps a good way to set the pace for the Lunar New Year? 新年快樂, for all those of you who celebrate!

p.s. Stay tuned for a giveaway which is scheduled to appear on the blog next week.