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Down by the Breeze Center, I was passing the time before a movie at the Space Time Cafe. It felt a bit like walking into an American vintage and resale shop… with cafe dogs!



Milk Tea 奶茶 is the Golden Retriever. (Incidentally, this is the texture when a Goldie grows back their coat after a summer shave.)


Latte is the Shiba (perhaps mix). They’re both a little older, with mellow temperaments and white faces.


I got a cursory sniff out of Latte, but mostly she didn’t pay me any mind. Typical.



The dessert and drink I ordered were, unfortunately, on the weak side. Also had some of the most perfunctory latte “art” I’d seen yet. I’d rather have had a stronger drink than this mysterious Rorschach test in milk, because I kept nodding off even while I was sipping my mug!


I don’t think coffee-making is their main business priority. They seemed very interested in renting out the space itself for photo shoots, films, and other commercial ventures. Dogs may or may not be included as part of the rental fee.


Well, it’s an interesting business premise and use of space anyway. As long as the pups get to hang with their people all day and are kept in kibble (or whatever their diet of choice), I approve.


Space Time Cafe
Fuxing South Road Section 1 Ln. 107 Alley 5 No. 8 復興南路一段107巷5弄8號 [map]
Daan District, Taipei City 台北市大安區
Nearest MRT: Zhongxiao Fuxing 忠孝復興, Exit 4
Wireless: Yes, free
Electrical outlets: Yes
Atmosphere: A mishmash of vintage furniture, retro clutter, natural and other lighting. Chill and not particularly busy on the day I went. I didn’t like the large, flat-screen TV at the front of the store, but luckily they didn’t keep it on the whole time.