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I promise this is not turning into a Corgi blog. These are just very popular dogs in Taiwan. And yes, I’m still in Taiwan.

Anyway, here’s a quick hit-and-run update to sing the praises of Pillow Cafe, currently one of my top five favorite Taipei cafes (a list which gets rearranged every week, it seems). They are named thus for the super cozy cushioned seats and back pillows comfortably spread about the cafe (very conducive to glueing your ass in one place for hours on end and getting stuff done)…

Pillow Cafe

… and, perhaps, also for the beautiful, thick pillow of foam atop their lattes.


I find the coffee tastes above average, and it is reasonably priced (for Taipei) at 130NT. I got mine with an extra shot for 150NT (about $5USD). They also have a range of teas, light sandwich sets, freshly made desserts, waffles and some other sweets.

But the sweetest thing, of course, is their CAFE CORGI.


Siapa 夏啪 is this lowrider’s name. I don’t know if Siapa is male or female. That’s the problem with these furry unseen undercarriages. And ungendered spoken languages.


S/he is prone to allergies and muzzle-scratching sometimes, so on goes the cone…


When the cone is not being worn, it’s used to accentuate the furnishings.

Well yes, that IS what I think of when I see pet cone collars!

Pillow Cafe is conveniently nestled in an area of good eats, so if quick-heat snacks are not your thing, you can time your meals for before or after your stay. Mostly, though, I think you’ll want to stay, because this place is lovely.

Pillow Cafe

Pillow Cafe
Rui’an St. No. 133 瑞安街133號 [map]
Daan District, Taipei City 台北市大安區
Nearest MRT: Technology Building Station 科技大樓
Nearest bus stop: National Taipei University of Education Experimental Elementary School 國北教大實小
Hours: 12pm ~ 10pm, closed on Tuesdays
Wireless: Yes, free
Electrical outlets: Many, including bar seats and against the wall
Atmosphere: Comfortable seating, warm lighting, mostly inoffensive blend of 80s and 90s pop with the occasional intrusion of a radio hit that surprisingly still grates on your nerves nearly 20 years later…