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It’s 6:30 a.m. on my side of the world. Sun’s been up for a while. I haven’t slept all night.


Insomnia has been hitting more often than I’d like since I’ve been out here. Even my Sleep Cycle app has been cautioning that sometimes too few movements have been recorded, indicating that I die a little each night and turn into a corpse, or stone… or the app just hasn’t been working properly for some reason.


The equipment I blame is the bed. It is stiff, I’ve been tense, and that’s an awful combination.


I’m missing the bedshifters who share my home space, those not-so-anomalous data manipulators. My sleep data collected in the past has inevitably included the Bows. Bowpi, specifically, can kick up quite a storm while pressed against bodies under the covers. A true night’s sleep as recorded by this app consists of their movements, too.