Last month, we ended up running into the July Basenji meetup because other things were happening at our usual weekend park. Bowdu didn’t have much fun, as he had to be kept on leash in the presence of food.


Hey! It’s THAT person! With the handouts!


Oh come ON did you see that?! Those Basenjis don’t even have their butts anywhere near the ground. They’re ignoring the rules and totally getting away with it. And those two IMPOSTERS on the right don’t even have curly tails!


What, he’s getting treats for THAT half-assed ‘sit’? W. T. F?!?!

And you people wonder why I get so cranky at these meetups. I’m the ONLY DOG in this WHOLE GODDAMN PARK with any shred of manners, and I get JACK SH*T for my patience. *clenches jaws and salivates*

Sorry Doobs. Life’s not fair, no matter how deserving you think you are.