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It is far too hot still to schlep my fancy camera around, so I must content myself with cell phone, Instagrammed shots of local dogs.

Her hunting days are over...

There are a couple brindle tugou accompanied by old men who are fixtures on this strip of Zhonghua Rd. in Ximending, including a store dog at one of my favorite record stores. I never noticed that this one was quite so, well, swollen. The weather hasn’t been very conducive to exercise.

Face-off! #tugou on the left WINS for cuteness.

Three-month-old tugou puppy faces off with a Mini Schnauzer, a popular breed in Taiwan.

The Owl and the Corgipup

Another popular breed, the Night Owl — I mean, the Corgi, sighted at Cafe Junkies.

This dog will bite

And another popular breed, the Beagle. Asians love their Snoopy dog. Maybe not this particular one though. The sign behind her warns, “[This] Dog will bite.”

Yellow tugouFriend of the yellow tugou

Temples are generally good places for strays to hang out. Nobody wants to provoke the ire of the gods by abusing innocent creatures in their midst. They’re also highly trafficked, dense sites where scavenging yields rich rewards — especially when temple monks supplement the fare with regular handouts.

The yellow dog on the left was accompanied by the Pointer-esque mix on the right. They were hanging out at the large public square by Longshan Temple, as natural a part of the scene as the throngs of chainsmoking old men. They left as a unit and wound down a side alley, tempting me to follow… Maybe next time.

Two black tugou

The two black tugou lingered and hung out like matched companions as well, though only one was collared. The uncollared bitch had a few bald patches on her elbows and her chest, but had a decent amount of weight on her body. No skinny dogs around here…