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Today’s post is a special treat, and not just for the dogs. I am excited to post the first review by R.J., the other human inhabiting the House of Two Bows.

True Chews Li'ls Pig Ears

Product: True Chews Lils Pig Ears Pieces
Quantity 2.5 oz (approx. 6 pieces of ear portions)
Price: $7.99 via Chewy.com
Ingredients: Pig ears, natural smoke flavor
Guaranteed analysis: ??? [N/A on their website, not listed on the packaging for this product]
Country of origin: USA
Company information: Tyson Pet Products, Inc.; 812 Third Street NW; Independence, IA 50644
Web Presence: Truechews.com, on Facebook, etc.

We’ve got two middle-aged dogs. A brash Shiba and a sneaky Basenji. Male and female, respectively. I’ve watched them snarl, yelp and snarl some more over discarded bones in a flooded gutter.

They’re driven by a desire to eat. All dogs are. They don’t discriminate.

I wish I could write that True Chews Lils Pig Ear Pieces brought a reverential calm over my dogs. That they both politely sat down and, before gently taking the pigs’ ears from my hands, blinked in unison. That they lingered over them, sniffed them, licked their chops… maybe tossed a glance my way, with gratitude in their eyes.

True Chews Li'ls Pig Ears

Actually, the pigs’ ears were snatched from my fingers (before I could be comfortably seated) and devoured inside of five minutes. The Shiba’s sitting tough at thirty pounds. The Basenji’s just over twenty. I mention this because the treats are marked as being for dogs up to twenty pounds. Usually the Basenji takes slightly more time with her food.

So these treats might be a little smaller than what the dogs are used to. To me, they seemed a little thicker than the ones plucked from a pet store bin. It doesn’t seem likely that they can be broken down into small pieces by clumsy humans.

The dogs, however, took fifteen seconds to figure out the right angle of attack, to gain the proper leverage for eating. Once each found the sweet spot, the ears were promptly broken down into three or four pieces and cruncha-cruncha-crunched. After the last pieces had been swallowed, the dogs spent an additional two minutes sniffing out and licking the microscopic debris left behind. Then they switched places, each searching for what the other might have overlooked.

True Chews Li'ls Pig Ears

This was, more or less, a typical encounter with chewing products. No one was hurt, no intestinal duress ensued. What more could you want from a dog treat?

The good people at True Chews insist that you are to supervise your dog’s enjoyment of their chewing treats. And to make sure there is clean drinking water at hand.

True Chews Lils Pig Ear Pieces are made with pride in Independence, Iowa.* They are rawhide-free, contain no filler, and marked as 100% natural. A natural smoke flavor has been added.

True Chews Li'ls Pig Ears

True Chews is also a proud sponsor of The United States War Dogs Association, Inc. Check this fine organization out, if you’d like, at http://www.uswardogs.org/ and give the US War Dogs’ Theme Song by Murray Weinstock a listen.

I do sincerely wish True Chews success. Their products seem as simple as they are satisfying. Six chews for eight bucks might be pushing it, and I don’t think the dogs really care about the natural smoke flavor. The Shiba will chew wood if you let him.

True Chews Li'ls Pig Ears

I’m giving this product an enthusiastic B+ rating.

text by R.J., photos by M.C.

* M.C. would like to highlight the fact that all True Chews are clearly labeled as US-made products, which provides some assurance for those of us concerned with country of origin for our pets’ edibles.

[Disclaimer: The House of Two Bows received a sample bag of treats from Chewy.com in exchange for our honest review.]