While Bowdu barely tolerates most dogs, his threshold seems particularly low for other Shibas. So seeing him get along with Miss Tula was a special, rare treat. Especially because Tula’s the prettiest little sesame Shiba we’ve ever met.

20130616 Bowdu and Tula

The vast majority of other Shibas we encounter are aged three or younger… which is not so coincidentally about the age that Bowdu became less tolerant of other dogs. However, these two seemed to get along okay because they’re both about eight years old, she’s female, and much smaller than Bowdu.

28 July 2013 Tula and Bowpi

She seems to be even slighter than Bowpi!

Tula and Bowpi

I didn’t frame the shot properly to show just how close their hips were. I thought it was interesting that Bowpi was not only willing to sit for a stranger whom she suspected of harboring treats, but to move so close to a Tula, who was also basically unknown to her.

Apparently, both of the Bows have enough dogsense to know that this gal’s cool.