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I would buy a print of this if I could track one down.

Shih Pinghsi-Sharing

Artist: Shih Ping-hsi [Shi Bingxi 施並錫]
Title: Sharing 兩者之間

The Chinese title is literally “Between the two.” I’m not sure that the dog with the meat in his jaws agrees with the English rendering of the title, either. That dog’s bristliness and defensive stance is something that multiple members of the House of Two Bows can relate to.

I’m not nearly as enamored by this second print, which I find horrifying in some ways.

Lin Shunu-Sharpeidogs

Artist: Lin Shu-nu [林淑女]
Title: [Shar-pei] Dogs 沙皮狗(白描)

I can’t help staring, getting lost in the maze of wrinkles. Visually absorptive, yes — but I wouldn’t want it hanging from my wall. The technique is known as bai miao, Chinese line drawing with brush and ink. It’s a deft application of traditional technique on a “Chinese” dog to enhance its exaggerated physical features… though I wonder what the artist was going for by making the results so grotesque!

Both images were scanned from the collection Jia xu gou nian ming jia hua gou zhuan ji 甲戌狗年名家畫狗專輯 (Taipei: Nat’l Taiwan Arts Education Institute, 1994), dog art commissioned for 1994, the Year of the Dog.