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Maggie, a leggy, athletically built Golden Retriever, is quite an attractive dog in motion.

Bowpi thinks she's more entertaining than that ball

Bowpi thought she looked like fun, too.

C'mon, let's play!

Hey, that tickles

She had a hard time convincing her to just drop the ball and play chase!

Liquid run

Nice playbow


While watching them, I was surprised that Bowpi was actually air snapping around the Goldie’s face at several points. I frequently see her do this at the flanks of running dogs, but seldom around their heads.

Luckily, Bowpi chooses her playmates wisely, as this Goldie knew how to read her cues. I think a well-socialized dog would understand that as a clear invitation to play, though some could find it annoying.


Bowpi was doing her best to engage Maggie, but she wasn’t holding back during the chase either. Maggie seemed to lose interest pretty quickly. At least the orange ball flies in a straight line, a much more reasonable pursuit than an erratic, zig-zagging Basenji.