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After a long weekend wrapping up a house sitting gig, an abstract submission, and a live streamed conference on canine science (if you missed SPARCS 2013, a DVD of the best online dog-thing to happen in 2013 will be available later), it’s time to return to the real world…

This is my third year of tracking our pet finances here at the House of Two Bows. This is an ongoing effort to get a practical sense of what it costs to keep two 20 ~ 30 pound adult dogs in an area of the US with relatively high costs of living. Previous posts in this series can be found under the category of finances.


The Cost of (Pet) Things for June 2013:

  • Food: $14* [previous month, $67]
  • Treats: $28 [previous, $16]
  • Grooming: $0 [previous, $0]
  • Accessories and misc: $0 [previous, $0]
  • Vet & Medical: $0 [previous, $54]
  • TOTAL: $42 (running average for 2013 ~$139/month)

Food was a special case this month. I actually spent about $58 which included a box of The Honest Kitchen Embark, some chicken organs, eggs, and yogurt. However, I’m counting the Natura Pet Food Settlement as a credit in this category, even though it took years for the check to come in, and even though it’s a very atypical, one-time occurrence.

After some debate, I decided it counts because this bonus income did encourage me to spend a bit more on treats than I otherwise would have. Picked up several bags of Fruitables, Zuke’s, and Isle of Dogs treats on a buy three, get one free deal to stock up.

Meanwhile, we got a bit of food assistance for this month and the next from the folks who first initiated us into raw feeding, Primal Pet Foods. Stay tuned…

Primal freeze-dried formula