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A while back, another park regular commented that I looked geared up for a showdown, so I decided to assess my setup. I’ve never quite considered how silly I look with all my gear strapped to my body.

Things I pretty much always have on me:

  • Both Bows’ leashes, with custom loops that allow them to be easily clipped around my torso
  • A camera — the DSLR most of the time, or cell phone camera at minimum
  • My Nomadic AP-03 Moving Option waist pack. It was designed to be belted around the hips, but I just couldn’t bring myself to wear it that way. So I sling it around my chest, where it’s convenient to access the main pocket without tempting any waist-high dogs by fishing for treats within inches of their face.

Caught in the act

This insane schematic is what sold me on this particular pouch.

Nomadic moving option waist bag

Nomadic moving option waist bag, via jetpens.com

Um, I don’t cram nearly as much stuff as indicated in my pouches. I find that pocket 3 is a perfect size for an iPhone, and pocket 12 is great for poop bags. I like that I can separate my wallet (pocket 9) from any dog treats (pocket 6), because it’s annoying having to fish out crumbs from the folds of a meat-stinky wallet. And of course pen loop 7 is always occupied, with a small notebook tucked into pocket 5 or 10, just in case I need to exchange contact information with anyone.

And while I’m obviously not the epitome of fashion, I sure like having an all purpose, on-the-go pouch that’s functional and not emblazoned with all kinds of kooky dog lady logos or silly canine prints.

Anyway, my setup keeps my hands free, so I don’t actually feel like I’m carrying that much. I’ve certainly seen more extreme getups — especially those accompanied by babies and more than just two dogs!