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“They look like each other. So they must love each other very much.”

Disregarding the fact that they don’t look that much alike, this was strange logic to me…

20120522 Genki, the basenji mix?

“Basenjis are everywhere. There’s a little Basenji in everything. They’re little horndogs.”

This person was, I think, extrapolating from the “primitive” status of Basenjis to the perceived ubiquity of Basenji mixes. An amusing perspective (regardless of accuracy) that goes against the decline in purebred Basenjis over the years…


“What beautiful fur he [Bowdu] has! He would make a great pair of gloves!”

Most shocking to me was the nonchalance with which this sweet, old woman made this statement as she stroked his back and made kissyfaces at him.

20130515 Too cool to look at the camera

Person A: “That’s a Basenji. They can’t bark.”
Person B: “They can’t? Really? Why not?”
Person A: “They were breeding their necks in such a way that they got their voicebox squeezed out of them.”

Oh really. Tell me more about how they bred Basenjis, please.

20130429 Bubble2

“Did you have to break their tails to get them to curl like that?”

Sure, I confess to some fetishization of canine curly tails, but I’m not sadistic enough to take it to the level of Chinese bound feet…

And finally, my favorite, totally politically incorrect quote —


“Shiba Inu are a bit like the Japanese. Charming, incredibly polite most of the time, but prone to sudden outbursts of violence.”

… as spoken (with great fondness, believe it or not) by a middle-aged Taiwanese woman who was probably channeling her own nationalistic education in colonial history.

(The Shiba depicted with Bowpi above is not Bowdu, and despite appearances, they are just playing!)