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Finally — I’m putting up pictures from the Novato Shiba Picnic 2013! My sister and I leashed up the Bows and headed over to check out the festivities this year, making it just a bit after the group photo. With temperatures somewhere in the upper 80’s and minimal shade, I’m afraid we didn’t last through many of the afternoon events…

We got to catch the rescue parade …


… which wasn’t much of a parade, since it was so hot that nobody wanted to move! I didn’t blame them. Adoptees and adoptables from Northern California (Red Young) and Northern Nevada Shiba Inu Rescue (Jack Owens) were in attendance.



I sympathized with this guy, who seemed to be protesting the heat by thrashing in the grass instead of letting himself be admired.


My brain was so fried, I’m afraid I was unable to remember anyone‘s names…


Except this pup above, whose name I think is now Pika. Her momma is a purebred Shiba from Taiwan, confirmed when brought over by Red. Mei-mei, the mom, and her two puppies were all adopted. I was very excited to meet Pika, as I’d only seen pictures when she was a seriously adorable pup. She definitely had the Basenji-esque brow wrinkles and ears happening then, so it was interesting to see how she’d grown into her face.

After that, we managed to stick it out for the Shortest Shiba contest. I don’t think I even caught the name of the winner!


Nor did I catch the winner of the Curliest Tail contest, though the MC did a great job hamming up that competition.


One “celebrity” Shiba that we did catch in the lineup was Prince Zuko, representin’ on behalf of Twibas.


Alas, we were all withering pretty quickly, even in the shade. Perhaps the heat helped dull some of the Shiba sharpness. I was satisfied with how decently Bowdu behaved himself, even if he did snarl at a couple of the more vivacious, younger Shibas (who probably needed to hear it). As long as no blood is shed, I’ll just take it as another typical day amongst Shibas…


Unfortunately, poor Bowpi, who has issues with certain kinds of sounds, was freaking out in the midst of all that applause. At twenty frantic pounds, she was jerking my sister all over the place as I was trying to take pictures. Even in my hands, she tried to make a break for it a couple times — good thing she had on her limited slip collar!

So we cut our visit very short this year. It was still great to meet some readers, however briefly, and to witness this critical mass of Shibas in the Northern California area. Sorry I was too discombobulated to take better pictures, but I saw plenty of cameras at the event so surely someone else documented it better than I ever could. The rest of my Shiba Picnic photos can be found here.

Hope to make it another year — when the weather will (perhaps) be just right.