The past few months sure have bleached a lot of color from the landscape…

Photo taken 24 December 2012

Photo taken 20 May 2013

At least park officials finally saw fit to mow the seldom-shorn half of this park, leaving a field of weedy hay. All the better to run free!

I, too, could do with some mental mowing. Got an overgrowth of brainweeds to hack down. This long weekend (for U.S. folks, anyway) seems like a good time for a brief blogging hiatus.

We’re still around on Facebook, where chatter is kept at a low volume, Instagram, which is set to private though I’m pretty liberal about adding anyone I recognize or keeps a public profile, and Tumblr, where I occasionally push dog-related Instagrams but don’t interact with anyone other than ♥ing images because I still can’t figure out how to actually use it to SAY anything…

Meanwhile, I’ve been slacking on research for a couple blogs in the queue, so this will give me a chance to catch up.

Enjoy the rest of May — see you all in June!