20120831 Can you guess the mix?

The other half of this mix struck me immediately upon seeing her face…

20120831 Can you guess the mix?

Do you see it, too? Her owner says that most people only get the more fluffy half.

Hey, you guys are good! This is a Golden Retriever + Shar Pei mix. Would that be a King Pei (“Golden” coat)? I’m afraid I forgot her name and her age, but she’s an old lady here. Looked to me like she had entropic eyes, a genetic condition to which Shar Pei are prone. I didn’t confirm this, and I’m certainly am not claiming to diagnose by sight, but nearly every Shar Pei I’ve ever met has had this or corrective surgery to fix this. So that was my giveaway, along with pert, folded ears, and overall balance of the head.