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The lovely foxtails that glint and wave in the late afternoon light of April…

20130418 Glowing foxtails

… dry up into evil spikes and fields a-prickle with danger in May.

20120508 Thick with threat

Around this time, we see lots of local dogs wearing these field masks to prevent against accidental — and very expensive — foxtails snorted up the nostril or lodged in the eye. It’s not the most photogenic accessory, but it works, especially for pet owners who have already had to shell out something in the vicinity of $600 to extract errant foxtails from their sedated dog’s nasal cavity, as I have heard from a few who’ve lived to tell.

20120525 Foxtail mask

Thus far, the Bows have been sensible enough to keep these things out of their orifices (knock on wood). But sometimes even smart dogs have dumb luck. It’s another seasonal hazard, like winter driving or summer typhoons.

Curly tails are infinitely preferable to foxtails.