Not sure what everyone else was doing last Sunday…


… but whatever kept everyone else away allowed us unrestrained access to the entire Coastal Trail at the Marin Headlands.


I’m not familiar with the floral cycles here. The wildflowers didn’t seem to be quite at their peak as they are on our side of the Bay. We still caught some nice blooms. And one very cool-looking pod thing.



Pictures remind me to look them up later… I don’t know the names of any of these plants.

The Bows had a great time dashing around.


The pair of shots below exemplify a key difference between the two Bows. Bowdu will just plow through as if he expects everything in his path to clear the way for him. This includes any human legs that happen to be blocking his route (*BOOF*). Bowpi, on the other hand, will try to duck and weave, navigating just a little more carefully, falling back when necessary.


Sometimes I imagine what the Bows would do if they were lost in the wilderness, left with nothing but each other and their own survival instincts. Would they take cues from one another or would they basically be fending for themselves? How long would they trek together before splitting ways? Who would catch the first meat? Who would seek out human assistance, and who would revert to feral mode? If Peepsy got really cold, would Doobs let her snuggle against him? Or is Doobs more likely to resort to cannibalism?

Anyway, as we headed back to the car, RJ and I split up at one point without really signaling our intentions to the dogs. He decided to take a steep side route down, whereas I didn’t want to risk a tumble with camera in hand, so I stuck to the main path. Both Bows had been at his side when we parted ways. Some time into my wending descent, I looked back to see, much to my dismay, Bowdu running along the cliff edge of the path, heading uphill in disoriented panic. I yelled sharply and waved my hands high in the air to flag his attention, but he was such a tiny, distant speck that I couldn’t be sure he saw me for a second…


But only for a brief moment.


Bowdu closed the gap in no time, and would certainly have bowled me over with relief had he not been just a thirty-pound Shiba. Meanwhile, Bowpi had stuck with RJ. We were all reunited at the bottom of the trail, just as the humans had planned but had not communicated to the dogs. The Bows will have to play out their wilderness abandonment survival adventures some other day.