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Sometimes I am tempted to put little modesty boxes over the Bows’ behinds when cleaning up photos, as the Japanese dog bloggers do. Bowdu’s doesn’t bother me so much, as he has enough fur back there to obscure his orifice. Bowpi, on the other hand, is a little more naked, so I find other ways to cover things up as best as I can…

20130319 Ready set...

However, some dogs have no choice but to leave nothing to the imagination.

20130320 An embarrassing view

If my nakedness embarrasses you, then just quitcher gawking!

20130320 Xolo

I do like the overall shape of these dogs — and they leave plenty to admire.

20130320 XOlo

While I will admire by sight, I am not inclined to touch. Not that I typically reach out to pet strange dogs unless they approach me with inviting body language. However, the Xolo’s nakedness disrupts my very understanding of what makes a pet a pet — soft, touchable, familiar.


Skin-to-skin requires a different kind of intimacy than hand-on-fur.