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Tried a new hiking trail today.

There was SO MUCH horse poop. And I know what inevitably happens when there is horse poop…

20130215 Simply irresistible

Well, Bowdu approved of my choice, even if I felt like a bit of a sucker for bending my own rules for the sake of a new adventure. Oh, the map says the horse-free, hiker-only trail is just up ahead. Wait, where is it? Aren’t we there yet? And where is Bowdu? Oh, there he is… and what’s on his–AUUUGHHHHH.

20130215 Grin from horse poop heaven

Indeed, this is one of the hazards of off-leash walking and letting your dogs be… dogs.

What kind of surprised me is that even Bowpi was getting into the scent rolling this time. Normally she’s content just to sample a few dainty bites until I yell and scare her off.

20130215 Plenty to share

This time, she wanted to go for some light makeup, too. The little bitch can still surprise me yet…

20130215 Light makeup

With two dogs to wash, I found it more efficient to stop by a self-service pet wash station rather than dirtying up the tub at home. Begone, manure — hello, mango! Pretty sure that wasn’t the perfume they had intended to bring home…