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Film: Boudu Saved from Drowning [Boudu sauvé des eaux]
Director: Jean Renoir
Performers: Michel Simon, Marcelle Hainia, Charles Granval, unnamed dog
Breed featured: Poodle mix
Production information: Les Établissements Jacques Haïk, 1932 (France)

Boudu, a churlish tramp, loses his beloved dog in a public park. Nobody will help him find his mutt — though when a posh upper-class lady loses her purebred Pekingese worth 10,000 Francs, the police and total strangers all rush to her aid.


Distraught and unable to recover his lost dog, Boudu throws himself into the river Seine. He is saved from drowning by Mr. Lestingois, a bookseller who brings his “rescue” into his home… not expecting Boudu to repay the favor by occupying his store and completely disrupting his home.


I’m not sure if the poodle actually is a “mutt” or if he’s just being seen through the lens of his uncouth owner. He looks to me as if he could very well be purebred, but ungroomed.

[Note: Though Bowdu often behaves in an anarchic, boorish manner similar to the title character in this story, there is no connection.]

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