20130205 Roll of 28, Day Five: Little lamb lost

This leggy little poodle-maltese-lamb mix (I’m not sure what she is) darted out at me from under a park bench. She was arch-backed and nervous and had obviously been misplaced. Another lady walked by and the dog leapt into her arms and started mewling. Another nice lady responded to the pup’s calls of distress, confirmed that the dog did not belong to her or anyone else in the vicinity, and then helped ascertain that her name was Lola and there was a contact number on her tag. Just as they were going to try the number, we heard someone calling her name on the other side of the canal. I yelled and waved and gestured that Lola was on this side of the bridge. Pet and person were swiftly reunited.

It’s a big park, and some dogs are prone to wander. All the more reason to keep an eye on your charges, if you’re not counting on the graces of good Samaritans!