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This is my third year of tracking our pet finances here at the House of Two Bows. This is an ongoing effort to get a practical sense of what it costs to keep two 20 ~ 30 pound adult dogs in an area of the US with relatively high costs of living. Previous posts in this series can be found under the category of finances.

20121101 Who's the camera hog?

The Cost of (Pet) Things for January 2013:

  • Food: $92
  • Treats: $8
  • Grooming: $0
  • Accessories and misc: $0
  • Vet & Medical: $0
  • TOTAL: $100

For food, I thought I had scaled back by purchasing a larger bag of our most cost efficient kibble brand. $27.99 for 15 pounds of Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream gets us through this month’s breakfasts and most of next month. But then add another $30 jar of PlaqueOff (Amazon still has the best prices on this after our years of using this stuff), and some 20 or 30 pounds of meat on sale… it still adds up.

At least the treats were within reasonable limits this month… just chicken hearts thrown into the dehydrator and a trial pack of Great Life buffalo kibble that I’m using as low value rewards.