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Film: Savage Sam
Director: Norman Tokar
Performers: Tommy Kirk, Kevin Corcoran, Brian Keith, Sam the Dog.
Breed featured: Bluetick Coonhound
Production Information: Walt Disney Pictures, 1963 (USA)

In this sequel to Old Yeller, Sam the Bluetick Coonhound helps a band of rescuers and Travis Coates recover his annoying kid brother Arliss, who has been abducted by Apache Indians. Actually, both Coates boys and Lisbeth the would-be love interest were captured, but Travis escapes while Arliss is kept behind as a special plaything, even wilder than the “savages.” Also, the meek and virtuous girl has to remain in hostage so the half-baked story can maintain some flimsy pretense of gravity and danger, because honestly, who cares about saving Arliss?

The whole film is so hackneyed and dull, it’s only appropriate to blog it on an otherwise “wordless Wednesday.” Consider me dumbstruck by this total waste of time and film stock. It can’t even be redeemed by the presence of a breed that I otherwise like very much. Screencaps are more than sufficient; even these weren’t really worth the effort.

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