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Hobbes and Bowpi met a tugou from Taiwan.


Look this way!


No, over here!


Gah. I just wanted all three of them facing the same direction. But this is sufficient for comparative purposes, I think. Taiwanese tugou/Formosan [mountain] dogs are frequently listed as “Basenji” mixes when they make their way Stateside. While this goes some way in generalizing for temperament, I think it does a disservice to both the Basenji and the tugou to mislabel them in this manner.

When I am able to identify a large enough population of Basenjis in Taiwan (my current count: 0) to account for the disproportionate number of “Basenji mixes” from Taiwan that end up in rescue, I’ll let you know. Until then, I’d rather let the tugou be a tugou… complete unto its own terms.

12 December 2012 Taiwan dog buzzing by