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Friends and readers are probably aware that The Honest Kitchen products comprise a regular part of the Bows diet. After tracking the Bows’ daily meals in October, I was so delighted with the mosaic I created, I posted the picture to the company’s Facebook page. They noticed and cared enough to share in our foodie-ness by sending The House of Two Bows some neat gifts, including a box of their newest treat.

Thank you #TheHonestKitchen!

Product: Beams (Talls)
Quantity: one box, 7 oz. (approx. 11 sticks?)
Price: retail $12.99 on the Honest Kitchen store
Ingredient: wild-caught Atlantic Catfish skins
Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Protein, min 88%
  • Fat, min 4%
  • Fiber, max 0.2%
  • Moisture, max 8%
  • Omega 3 EFA, 1.5g /100g
  • Calories (Calculated) 3650 cal/kg (approx. 39 calories per treat)

Country of origin: Iceland, sustainably fished
Company Information: The Honest Kitchen; 145, 14th Street; San Diego, CA 92101
Web Presence: TheHonestKitchen.com, on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere


Fish-based products have always gone over well at the House of Two Bows, and this treat was no exception. Beams TALLS live up to their name — the box itself stands over 12″ tall to accommodate the size of these strips, which ranged from 10 ~ 12″ apiece in our box.


Each Beam is simply made of dried catfish skin, some with little curlicues of flesh still attached. They’re way too tough to cut down with ease (maybe with a good pair of meat shears, which I don’t have). So if this seems like too much for your pet, you’d be better off with a box of Beams Smalls, which are about 7″ apiece and come in four ounce packages.

The Bows would be happy to get these in SUPERTall if they could. They found it very satisfying to pull at the flesh, like a bit of fish floss.

fish floss

I prefer to offer more “natural” treats as edible dental chews, and Beams definitely serve that function. With nice ridges and a hard, firm texture, they do take a bit of work to consume.

Bowpi likes to grip the stick and chomp from the side, giving her molars some much-needed action.

Honest Kitchen BeamsIMG_4073

I’m pleasantly surprised by the low calorie count per treat, in spite of their size. These catfish skins are quite a bit thicker than the salmon skins treats we usually keep on hand. Each chomping session lasts about seven minutes. Bowdu can rush through a piece in 5 minutes, and Bowpi works with gusto, but usually takes about twice as long. Obviously your experience will vary, depending on the strength of the chewer.

The Honest Kitchen sent along this complimentary box with no expectations for a review, but I can’t help saying good things about them. It’s a simple, clean, and healthy treat. Stinky, yes — there’s no mistaking that these came from FISH! But not oily and greasy like some dried animal treats can be.

Overall, I consider it a good value for what you get. I’ve yet to see these stocked in my local pet food stores, but we’re ready for another box as soon as we find them!



GIVEAWAY: The generous folks at The Honest Kitchen are providing three prizes for a House of Two Bows giveaway! Just leave a comment stating which one of the following you would choose if you win first pick:

  • A 4 lb box of any Honest Kitchen dehydrated raw formula (please state a specific dog OR cat recipe)
  • A box of Beams for your own dogs to sample
  • One canister of Perfect Form, a digestive supplement (appropriate for dogs and cats)

Perfect Form
we keep Perfect Form on hand, too

“Liking” The Honest Kitchen and/or our page on Facebook is not required, but will probably net you some positive karma.

Comments will be collected until 11:59 PST next Monday, December 10th. After that, three random winners will be selected. First prize will win what was stated as their preferred choice. Second and third prize will get the remaining two prizes in order of what is listed above. Please be sure to include a valid e-mail address (not publicly visible) with your comment so that you can be contacted about your prize.

The Honest Kitchen prizes can only be sent to addresses in the US. But fear not… there will be other giveaways this month that will be open to all. Check back later!