For the first time since starting this blog, I’m officially declaring a brief break.

See, I’m in the midst of this thing called COMPS a.k.a. QUALS a.k.a. Oral Exams a.k.a. this godawful doctoral program hazing ritual which I’ve been putting off for a long, long time.

20121116 A different kind of oral examination

I’ll have one more 3000-word essay to crank out before Thanksgiving, for a total of four essays, each completed within a designated window of approximately 31 hours. There will be a short break and opportunity for me to mentally regroup before I’m scheduled to be thrown into the lion’s pit with my committee of four professors. I will be grilled on the substance (or lack thereof) of my written responses, and my intellectual self worth will be savaged for three steady hours.

If I emerge from the process intact, then I will be qualified to start my dissertation research and writing in earnest!

If I don’t pass, then I’m going to quit graduate school and wallow in (further) depression for a while as I figure out how to move the House of Two Bows back to Taiwan, where I will set up a goat farm and three-legged dog sanctuary and shun the world for the rest of my natural life, emerging only for an occasional peep in dark, mysterious internet corners.

As much fun as Plan B sounds, I’m gunning for Plan A right now.

So keep us on the radar. We’ll be launching a couple giveaways next month to make it worth your while to check back.

8 September 2012

May December bring us all some respite, good sleep, and other festive surprises.