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Film: Imitation of Life
Director: Douglas Sirk
Performers: Lana Turner, Juanita Moore, Susan Kohner, Sandra Dee
Breed featured: Saint Bernard (brief)
Production information: Universal, 1959 (USA)

Lana Turner as miss Lora Meredith, a struggling actress at the beginning of the film, gets her start in relatively humble corners.

She’s the lovely housewife holding a can of flea powder over a massive, dopey-looking Saint Bernard — who requires a wipe-off between shots to prevent him from withering under studio lights.

Her comfort is even less important than the dog’s during this photoshoot. It’s not saying much that she can outshine the drooling beast. Because of her contribution to this trite little ad ad, she is finally noticed by a major producer for possessing a certain je ne sais quoi, as they state in the film.

Yeah, I guess I don’t know what either, but Douglas Sirk used “what” brilliantly!

I guess both dog and human are a bit uncomfortable in their bodies here, which makes them just the right pairing.

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