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Now that the elections are over, I can return to “focus” on this trainwreck month of November.

Anyway, here’s a post for a friend who is obsessed with the Puli.

29 October 2012 Flop“>

Or Pulik, as they are known in pluralized form. In my limited experience, these Hungarian herding brooms are the HARDEST FREAKIN’ DOGS TO PHOTOGRAPH. They are bouncy and twitchy and impossible to capture in any respectable detail.

7 June 2012 Passing corded blur

The black ones in particular break my autofocus, because apparently my camera has no idea where to focus.

9 October 2012 Autofocus can't handle a Puli face

I’ve been working on this pair of brothers for a long time, as we often end up at the dog park at the same time as their hired dogwalker. They bounce along like magical dustballs and apparently love to play — but they only seem to have eyes for each other.

29 October 2012 Tongues!

If they have any eyes at all.

I’ve gotten them close a couple times, but they’re off and away within a half second. Absurd little creatures they are.

Sorry! I tried!