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25 October 2012 What lies ahead

This is part of my ongoing effort to track our pet finances here at the House of Two Bows. Previous posts in the series can be found under the category of finances.

The Cost of (Pet) Things for October 2012:

  • Food: $84
  • Treats: $9
  • Grooming: $0
  • Accessories and misc: $0
  • Vet & Medical: $255
  • TOTAL: $348 (running average for 2012 ~ $173 / month)

In food news, we’re trying out a new kibble this month called Zignature, manufactured by Pets Global, Inc. A local pet store was running a promotion to drum up interest, selling 4 pound bags that would normally retail for $9.99 for only $4.99. We’re almost done with our first trial of the Trout and Salmon Meal Formula, and have another bag of the Turkey formula coming up just in time for November. It’s going okay so far, but I’ll post my thoughts later.

Also picked up a bunch of meat and supplements, including a large container of JointMAX liquid Glucosamine at a pretty reasonable price after redeeming a Groupon for EntirelyPets.com.

Topping off the Groupon deal ($30 worth of products for $15), I threw in a couple pouches of Fruitables treats. Meanwhile, RJ is suddenly on board with dehydrating our own treats more regularly, so he took the initiative to shrink down a big ol’ bag of chicken hearts, which the Bows are loving. This makes me happy, as I’ve not had the energy to keep up with treat-making projects to make the dehydrator purchased in May 2012 pay for itself yet.

The biggest hit to this month’s finances — and knocking the monthly average back up, dammit — was vet bills, obviously. I can’t do anything about this until I move to a less expensive part of the country/world. Ugh. We’ve gotten away with no major veterinary expenses for Bowpi this year (knock on wood), but I’d like to do a full blood panel at her next annual exam (she had a limited panel done in February 2011), so I’ll expect another figure like this in a few more months.