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Non-dog life is crushing me lately, and will continue its abuse through next month. I’ve not had much time to finish any significant blog drafts (a bunch of unfinished entries are accumulating in the queue). However, the Bows still need their daily outings, and I nearly always have a camera on hand, so I have plenty of images to get us through the upcoming weeks…

12 May 2012 Little Berner pancake

Besides, don’t you know that baby animal pictures heighten attention and narrow focus, and therefore boost productivity??

7 June 2012 Wriggler

It’s true because Japanese scientists from Hiroshima University said so!

7 June 2012 Bowdu likes 'em young

The young’ns definitely pique Bowdu’s interest. He’s surprisingly good with awkward, wriggly, and stumbly puppies, especially when they’re five months or younger. He’ll gruff in their face if they try to lick his muzzle or wrestle, but he lets them get away with it, and sometimes he’ll even return to engage them.

27 September 2012 Smush, 4-month-old Pyrennes puppy

Giant breed puppies confuse him, though. By nature, Bowdu recognizes this Pyrenees is still learning the ways of the world, but his dignity must contend with the fact that a four-month-old puppy is already so much larger than him.

Bowpi would just rather they get coordinated enough to play chase instead of chew.

27 September 2012 Sam in pursuit