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Over the weekend, Bowpi learned…

12 October 2012 Uh oh...

… that she can climb trees.

12 October 2012 Bowpi has figured out how to climb trees.

Certain ones with an easy “on” ramp at the dog park, anyway. The squirrels are inspiring her to go all out this season! Luckily we don’t have anything very climbable in our backyard.

The squirrels are doomed...

Also on sale as of last weekend is the 2013 Basenji Rescue and Transport fundraiser calendar. Guess who’s on the cover!

We are really excited about this, and sincerely thank the volunteers who helped vote both of Bowpi’s pictures into the top fifteen for this year. Every year, there are a ton of great, personality-laden shots in the calendar. I think Basenji photographers generally tend to be a cut above average because one needs to be particularly clever to get nice photos of these quick dogs.

You can preview the winning photos and order your Basenji calendar over here. All proceeds go to help BRAT help more Basenjis in need.