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We had such a nice day at the beach yesterday…

22 September 2012

An informal Shiba Inu Forum get together turned into a Bay Area Shiba meetup.

22 September 2012 Bootz on the beach

22 September 2012 Maya and Frenchie

Ran into Maya again! She was too busy playing to say hi though.

Not as tired as they appear!

Digging back to Japan?

Tonka's gonna smash that ball

Lots of frisky Shibas and young pups! Bowdu was definitely on the large side, compared to most of the crowd.

Porter, SHiba mix

Bowdu kept his grumpiness to himself, for the most part. He didn’t really care to play with any of the other Shibas, but he did let a total stranger scratch his belly, which impressed me! Bowpi stayed on the periphery much of the time, perhaps because she didn’t want to walk anywhere near wetness.

Contemplating the waves

Bowdu decides to get wet

Basenji’s worst nightmare!

Rompin' with an AmStaff

At one point, Bowpi started to help herself to a baby cup full of apples and raisins that she found on the beach. I was so angry at the inconsiderate asswipe who left that behind, and sincerely hope that it was a simple case of airheadedness and not a deliberate attempt to poison any dogs. Luckily, Bowpi isn’t much of a glutton, so even if she did eat some, she didn’t have many before she surrendered her prize to me. I took the cup and hung it up in a bush, out of reach, since there weren’t any trash cans on the beach.

Maybe the raisins accounted for a sudden burst of psychosis, when Bowpi decided to scale the steep seaside cliff…

Bowpi's crazy notion

… and perch herself on a ledge overlooking the whole beach.

Bowpi overlooks all

Bowpi doesn’t always know how to choose the easiest route down, so I was honestly a little concerned. But frankly, I was underestimating her agility. She knew how to handle herself just fine. She was just looking for the driest possible spot for one final poop…


This might not be her favorite park, but it’s definitely one of mine. So like it or not, we’ll be back.

I know, the horror.

Beach, surf, and shiba