Someone’s internet search for “Basenji and Welsh Terrier” ended up here at the House of Two Bows. Well, here you go.

Perhaps the person was looking for a mix. You can use your imagination.

M– was my advisor’s Welsh Terrier, and a frequent guest whose companionship Bowdu often enjoyed back when this was a single-dog home. After Bowpi joined the household, we only got to dogsit him once before he was diagnosed with Canine Lymphoma — just about a week or two after this video was taken.

My advisor’s efforts to cook for his dog in an attempt to stave off the worst influenced my willingness to seek dietary solutions to alleviate Bowdu’s allergies, which hit us hard that summer. It seemed to work for M–, reviving his appetite and giving him two or three times more quality living than what the vet originally prognosticated.

The difference between 30 days and 3 months isn’t so much though, not when you’re talking about the loss of a pet whom you wish could live forever.

17 May 2010: Load 'em up

The other day, while rereading my advisor’s latest book, I noticed for the first time that he had dedicated it to M– after his passing. That put a smile on my face, even as it made me tear up a little.

Yup, somewhere in the venerable catalog of Harvard University Press, there is at least one book dedicated to a simple, sweet little dog. Family members and spouses are recorded in public documents, but the true identity behind this dedication would be lost without those who were there to know, care, grieve, and memorialize.

Alas, such is the injustice inflicted upon some of our closest companions.

13 December 2009 Bringing the coziness home