We had a playdate at the dog park with one of my professors and his dog, Sage the collie-shepherd mix…

27 August 2012 Sage!

8 A.M. meetings with one’s professors aren’t generally so laid back and pleasant. I’d never been to the dog park this early either, so I wanted to see how the light differed. I think I was a bit too caught up in the conversation and observing how the Bows interacted with Sage to really compose my shots.

Morning at the Point

Dimpled sunshine

Pampas grass

Slanted rays are more coy and flirtatious with contours, shadows, mirrored surfaces. I must learn to catch the light from the right direction. Now I understand the poverty of options under the harsh noontime sun.

Bowpi, as expected, adapted quite nicely to Sage’s energy. They shared the turf in a couple spazz-out sessions. Our tiny racer had no trouble outrunning her challenger.

Tag, you're it!

Bowdu, on the other hand, was looking for opportunities to put the exuberant young whippersnapper in his place. He snarled rather indignantly at one point when Sage plowed into him from his blind side. Apparently, nobody has a good enough excuse for disrespecting his space.

Boys being boys

But it was just vocalization and posturing. All things considered, I think Bowdu showed reasonable inhibition in controlling his curmudgeonliness. We don’t typically hang out with larger, younger dogs with Sage’s level of energy.

Running Sage

There were a couple times when Bowdu tried to referee Sage’s galloping sprees, but he never resorted to violence to enforce his tyranny.

Bowdu runs interference

Thanks, Bowdu! Thanks for not beating up one of my potential dissertation committee member’s dogs!

Maybe I’d be further along in my program by now if all my professors had dogs and we held all our meetings at the dog park… Even academics have their fuzzy side, after all.

Well, at least in my department.