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Bowpi could probably slap me with harassment charges for ogling her figure as much as I do. She has such interesting contours to me, I can’t help but stare. Lots of groping involved, too.

22 August 2012 Every move you make...

She’s not particularly wrinkled on her forehead, but she has very loose, soft folds in her skin all over her body. According to Robert Cole in The Basenji Stacked and Moving, “The degree that the skin is pliant can be readily appreciated in the manner that this owner [as illustrated on the page] has been able to gently lift his Basenji by the skin of its back” (p. 70, plate 98). I’m not about to attempt that most uncomfortable looking maneuver, but I can easily bunch up her fur into ripples and ridges.

18 August 2012 Loose skin

I don’t think she’s fat… though I know she was pushing it at 24 pounds. Some of her previous veterinary records have listed her as heavy as 26.1 pounds, which boggles my imagination. I do try to watch it as I’ve been reminded that leaner is better, especially for “her kind,” as one of my vets said. But when my vet was probing her at 22.0 pounds and pointing out the puffy flesh around her ribcage as being a little too much (I could feel ribs, but not see them), I felt like she wasn’t picking on fat so much as rolls of skin

17 April 2012 Bowpi at 22.0 pounds

When she was at 22.0 pounds four months ago (above), the vet said she could stand to lose about a pound… And I thought, really?? So I aimed to have her lose about half a pound.

24 August 2012 Ripple effect

On Monday, I weighed her at the vet and found her at 19.6 pounds. Well, okay then! Her coat looks quite healthy and her appetite has been normal, so we’re done with the incredible shrinking Basenji. Meanwhile, that loose skin doesn’t seem to have anywhere else to go…

No wonder she kind of looks like her pants are sitting a little loose on the hips these days.

21 August 2012 Sitting figure